McCain chooses Tina Fey as running mate

It was one of Saturday Night Live’s funniest sketches I’ve seen in years.  The scene takes place at a press conference where John McCain introduces his choice for Vice President.

Tina Fey played the part of some Alaskan woman who was a Governor who has a husband who races snow mobiles, and has children with names like Track and Trig.  Oh and Ms. Fey parodied Rudy Guliani by saying “September 11th” several times in her acceptance speech. 

John McCain, in his introduction to, said he “found” someone from a hard-working middle class family.  He actually had to go out and “find” one.  He didn’t choose one or pick one, he “found” one.  And that is because in John McCain’s circle, hard-working, middle-class people are hard to find.  When you live a life of privilege and luxury, he must have gone out and used “the google” to search for one of the middle class people.  I wasn’t really a joke but Saturday Night Live  likes to be “topical” sometimes.

Tina Fey even parodied George Bush himself by pronouncing “nukyaler” just like George.  Hysterical!!!

And then, get this, she used the title of John F. Kennedy’s book “Profiles in Courage” as a comparison to John McCain.  I could go on about how this character eats moose-burgers and is a member of the NRA but I don’t want to ruin it for you when you see it on You-Tube.

Oh that Tina Fey, she is so damned funny.  But I still miss Jimmy Fallon.


3 thoughts on “McCain chooses Tina Fey as running mate

  1. Thank you but No. It was just a funny interpretation of what I was actually watching live on TV at the moment Palin was announced as the running mate. Everything I wrote is real and actually happened. I just couldn’t believe what I was watching was real so I turned into something fake.

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