Hillary made a great speech, and did I mention John McCain is a P.O.W?

I was so tired on Tuesday night and can’t believe I fell asleep early only to awaken at 11:21 PM, right after Hillary Clinton’s speech.  I flipped through C-SPAN, MSNBC, FOX and CNN and saw all of the post-speech comments.  Luckily, MSNBC replayed Hillary’s speech later (at about 1:30 AM).  I think I enjoyed the comments better.  I can’t say it was a bad speech, it was very good, excellent in fact.  But pro-Obama supporter and pro-Hillary folks had better things to say about the speech than the speech itself. 

The real laughing point for me was watching the post-speech coverage on Larry King who comes on live at 12:00 midnight during this weeks convention. His “panel” was 4 Republicans who spent an hour tring to somehow defend John McCain and downplay the Democrats (big surprise).  Their biggest defense was that Hillary didn’t specifically say that Barack Obama was qualified to be President.

She’s at the damned convention, it’s his convention, she said “No way, no how, no McCain”, she said “the future of our country and our children is at stake”; who the Hell do you think she was talking about.  She said she was voting for Obama.  She didn’t have to check with her staff to see how many houses she had (sorry, had to get that in).

So all the republicans have left is “Hillary didn’t specifically say that Obama was qualified to be President” and “John McCain is a P.O.W.”

Further, McCain doesn’t have a platform anymore other than replaying old comments that Hillary and Joe Biden said about Barack Obama (months ago when every Democrat running for President said anything to gain ground in the Democratic Primary), plus “John McCain is a P.O.W.”  The McCain camp isn’t speaking at all about what they are for, what they are against, what they will do for this country, what they will do about the war, the economy or anything else.  All they’ve got are comments by other Democrats and “John McCain is a P.O.W”

I will not deny that being a prisoner of war is the most god-awful thing someone could go through.  I don’t think I could have handled it.  But I have two point about that.  First, what about being in a prisoner of war camp qualifies you to be President.   Second, if you were in a P.O.W. camp, what would you be doing that prepared you for being President.  Being denied food? – well I guess if you wanted to identify with the poor or people in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.  Beaten and tortured? – well, if you wanted to learn how police in America treat minorities or unfounded “enemy combatants” in secret prisons.  Other than that, I don’t see how a P.O.W. learns about the economy in a prison camp.  And I”m pretty sure they didn’t worry much about gas prices or how to make the mortgage payment, or how to send their kids to college.

Again, I have complete respect for anyone who goes through what a P.O.W. does, but if John McCain want to put it on the table as credentials for the Presidency, I have to call like I see it.


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