PUMAs at the Democratic Convention

First, I think that the real “Puma” people, meaning the Puma clothing company, should sue this group called “Party Unity My Ass” (how classy), for copyright infringement.

Barring that, I have a few things to say about the PUMAs.

If “Party Unity My Ass” is the name of your organization, then we can already tell that there aren’t any Rhode Scholars running your organization.  You can’t have an acronym that requires punctuation.  It needs a comma, or at minimum at semi-colon.

And speaking of colons, if you don’t feel “united” with the Democratic Party (and nobody is saying you have to be) then go start your own party.  Why waste your time with the Democratic Party if they don’t seem to stand for what you believe in?

In fact, go take yourselves, and your candidate Hillary Clinton, and go start your own party; The PUMA Party.  Then let’s see how that goes.  I think you should try it.

If after all this time, and after Hillary Clinton herself has released her delegates to Barack Obama and is in fact backing him, you don’t; then maybe it is time for you people to ask yourselves “Maybe it’s me?”

Here’s the answer:  It IS you. 

What do you think you will gain by protesting and boycotting and marching around with signs that are attempting to splinter the Democratic Party, even convince the Democratic Party, that they have made the wrong decision?  Do you thing the clock will get turned back?  Do you think that suddenly, because of your valiant efforts, that Hillary Clinton will somehow become the presidential nominee?  Do you really think you are going to do anything more than convince Republican and Independent voters who are on the fence that the Democrats got a whole bunch of crazy going on over there.

PUMA doesn’t stand for “Party Unity My Ass”.  It stands for “People United as Many Assholes” (now that is an Acronym).

It’s time to stop acting like school children, unfold your arms, stop looking down at the ground and stomping your feet, and act like an adult.  This is the real world.  I know you’ve seen it and can recognize it because at one point you could recognize a voting booth, you know, the place where people have free will to pull the lever for whomever they choose.  And guess what PUMAs, Barack Obama didn’t pull all those levers, America did.

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