DNC 2008 – Lord of the Things

What is up with James Carville. 

He is a CNN contributor who is most unphotogenic person, with all those face contortions on top of a southern accent I can barely understand, on top of a rambling upon rambling of disconnected points.

I don’t know how this man was ever the Campaign Manager or Strategist, or whatever he was for Bill Clinton.  He still avidly supports Hillary Clinton even though Barack Obama is the nominee, and most of all, above all things, he looks like, and is just as scary as, Gollum from Lord of the Rings.


Can anyone tell the difference.  Has anyone seen them both in the same place at the same time?  I think not.

It wasn’t until I was researching this post that I realized I am not the only person that thinks these two look like twins separated at birth.  Oh well, I may not be original but I am accurate.


One thought on “DNC 2008 – Lord of the Things

  1. He looks more like a zeta than Gollum, I think. Regardless, he’s proof that there’s life beyond earth! And they’re all Billary supporters!

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