DNC 2008 – I’m sick of the whiners and it hasn’t even started yet

I get that Hillary supporters aren’t happy that she didn’t win the nomination.  I would feel the same way if Barack Obama didn’t win the nomination.  But enough already.  If I have to hear one more time that Hillary Clinton supporters are “wounded” and “emotional” and need to “heal”, I swear to god I’m going slap somebody.  SHUT….THE…..FUCK…..UP….already.  We GET IT, you’re NOT HAPPY.

It’s been over two month’s now, what’s happened has happened and you can’t do a damn thing to change it.  I gave this a lot of thought and did some real soul searching.  If Barack Obama didn’t win, I’d be pissed.  But I would also realize that as much as I don’t like Hillary Clinton, she would be the person I am supporting because her platform is essentially the same as Obama’s.  She doesn’t deserve anything and didn’t earn anything any more than he did.  And it’s not his fault that he won.  Do you really want John McCain as your president?  Because I don’t and if Hillary were my other choice, well, that’s it, I would vote for her.  Even Hillary Clinton is giving up her delegates because even she has finally realized that she didn’t win the nomination.  This is about what is good for the country and is about the Democratic party.  It’s not about Hillary Clinton and it’s not about her supporters.

So to you Hillary Clinton supporters, we get it; life didn’t turn out perfectly for you; your candidate didn’t win.  Now let’s hold hands, do a group hug, pass out the Kleenex, sing Kum Ba Ya, change our tampons, take a Midol, wipe the flop sweat off our brow, take a water pill, drive badly, not read maps, wear our Birkenstock, go to Home Depot, adopt an African baby, make a vegetarian lasagna, watch Oprah and a good movie on Lifetime and then  SHUT….THE…..FUCK…..UP….already.

This is about the future of our country.  Not your need for validation.  Barack Obama is the Democratic Nominee for President of the United States.  I’m writing this here because somebody needs to look you in the face and tell you the truth.  Oh, and there is not such thing as the Easter Bunny.

Barack Obama will fight for you and your rights while you are trying to stab him in the back and not vote for him or vote for John McCain to try and get back at him.  Are you in high school?  No, I mean really!


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