Obama/Biden 2008

I don’t necessarily feel that I need to comment on Joe Biden as a VP running mate but I want to.  I like Joe Biden and have always liked Joe Biden.   He reminds me a lot of myself in that I have strong convictions and sometimes might say something out of line but I mean no harm; I’m just passionate about how I feel.

I am glad the Barack Obama picked somebody who can fight for the both of them.  Let’s face it, Barack is one intelligent, thoughtful guy.  But he doesn’t know how to fight light a street-fighter against some of these political attacks because it is not in his nature.  I think in some ways he is incredulous that politicians behave the way they do and it is as if he freezes up as he is thinking to himself “I don’t understand how or why people behave the way they do” instead of reacting, quickly, like Joe Biden does.

And Joe Biden has served in the Senate longer than John McCain.  He ran for President twice and I think that if Iowa wasn’t always the first to vote in Presidential Primaries, things may have turned out differently.  I’m not saying that Biden would have necessarily won the nomination, but what would have happened if the first caucus or primary was held in Delaware or Maryland or Pennsylvania this year.  It could be that Biden would have won some of those states early on.  Who knows.

But, of all the people mentioned on Baracks short list of candidates, Joe Biden, to me is the one that makes the most sense, and if anything ever happened to Obama where he could not fulfill his term, I would trust Biden to take over and continue Obama’s platform, in good faith, on behalf of the American People.


2 thoughts on “Obama/Biden 2008

  1. I never thought about it that way but Yes, I guess Michael Palin, the mulit-award winning comedic actor whose most famous roles on Money Python were that of women, would be just perfect 🙂

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