Why is Obama slipping in the Polls?

I don’t know.  I always see the results of polls but I have no clue how the polls are taken.  Of all the people I know in this world and of all the people I have known in my life, I have never once, never heard of anyone being asked their opinion in one of these so-called polls.  I’ve never been asked.  My mother has never been asked.  My brothers and sisters, cousins, friends — nobody.  So how can I trust that these polls are accurate; or that they were actually taken in some scientific manner at all.

So according to somebody’s “numbers” generated by somebody’s “poll”, Obama isn’t as far ahead as some think he should be.  What the hell does that even mean.

And I heard a very good argument today to which I had not given much thought, but it makes sense.  A great deal of younger voters, and older voters like me, don’t have a home phone, just a cell phone.  And polls are only taken on land line phones.  The Republicans and the right wing media will portray this information as a joke or a ploy that the Democrats are using to explain away their “losses”.  But it is true.  Think about it.  And how many people in the middle of summer are sitting by their phones waiting for the pollsters to call?

I didn’t listen to the polls when Obama was ahead and I’m not going to listen to him when he’s behind.  What I am going to listen to is first and foremost, my own voice.  The little one inside my head that I can trust.  Then, the voices of those around me.  My family, my friends, the people that visit my blog; they all give extensive opinions about the candidates and I can judge pretty well what’s going on.

However, the media is so hungry for something to fill up the 24 hours of television programming they must fill every day that they will come up with any topic, and surround themselves with “experts” to evaluate poll numbers as to things like why Obama slipped a point, or why McCain gained 2 points or whatever.  I’m going to suggest that when FOX News (I use that term loosely), CNN, MSNBC, and the like run out of real topics, just put up reruns of “Green Acres” or something.   It’s funny, AND Eva Gabor speaks better English than George Bush.

Get over yourselves.


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