Abortion, Abortion, Abortion

I am speaking now to the pro-lifers, right wing conservatives in general,  and the media.

I am so tired of this being an issue in this election.  Actually I am so tired of the media and right wing conservatives pretending that abortion is an issue in this election.

First, abortion is legal and has been for 35 years.  So the only reason that a candidates position on abortion is an issues is what?  Because somebody out there plans on overturning Roe V. Wade.  Really!  Really?!.  Of all the things that are going on in the world and in this country, your biggest concern is who is Pro Life and who is Pro Choice.  Does any of it have any real affect on how the next President of the United States of America is going to govern our nation?   Does it have any real affect on your or my daily life?

So you’re all worried that some supreme court justices might retire and that the President will nominate somebody who doesn’t want to mess with a statute that has been on the books for 35 years.  As we all know, the President’s opinion on Roe V. Wade has no bearing on Roe V. Wade; otherwise George Bush would have “had it overturned” years ago. 

Who the fuck cares what Barack Obama or John McCain feel about abortion?  They can’t change the laws of this land.  They can’t wave some magic wand and change abortion laws.

Since Roe V. Wade there have been about 1100 abortions in the country per year.  How many of those were the result of rape, how many were incest, how many were just plain molestation, how many were the rape of very young girls or the mentally handicapped, how many were prostitutes, how many had to do with the health of the mother? 

Pro-lifers make it sound like women walk sit back on their big comfy sofas with cups of General Mills International Coffee and say “ah, what the hell, I’ll just have an abortion, screw it, let’s toast, can I get anyone anything?”.   Nobody LIKES abortion, no, not even pro-choice people LIKE abortion.  Pro Life supporters just want the opportunity to be legal, and with as little shame as possible, in the rare case that an abortion is the final decision.

It’s starting to sound the the Bush Administration and their buzz words to scare you.  You know them, there’s only three of them.  Terror, Gay Marriage, and Abortion.

Anytime something isn’t going their way, the Republicans will work Terror, Gay Marriage, or Abortion into the conversation.  I am way too busy looking for a job after I lost mine, and too busy trying to figure out how I am going to pay for gas and food, and way too worried about my nephew in Afghanistan to have another conversation with you about Terror, Gay Marriage or Abortion.


5 thoughts on “Abortion, Abortion, Abortion

  1. couldn’t agree more that it’s idiocy that abortion is still a “hot button” issue in 2008 but sadly there are still facsists out there who think that i, as a woman, am too stupid and feeble to make decisions about my own body. and though it *shouldn’t* have to be an issue, it is to me, because as long as anyone threatens the right to free, legal abortion then my health, autonomy and sexual choice is being threatened. and there is no collective freedom without the guarantee of indiviudal freedom.

  2. Well said. As I man, I have not right to speak on this topic, to some degree. I believe in choice, but I also don’t necessary go around handing out flyers encouraging abortion. Nobody is leaving a leaflet under your windshield wiper, while you are at the grocery store, advertising this weeks abortion special. I mean WHAT THE HELL.

  3. Thanks, but I don’t need to go read about abortion. I know what abortion is.

    “The blood of the unborn” is paying for my silence? Don’t be ridiculous. And don’t act as if those that support a woman’s right to choose enter into the decision lightly. Like they wake up one morning shortly after finding out they are pregnance (by their father, or a rapist, or any other way) and say “Hey, I think I’ll have an abortion today!” NOBODY enters into this decision lightly but that choice needs to remain the law. I’m ot going to go read more abortion propaganda. I’ll allow you to post your opinion and your links but I am going to suggest that visitors to this sight don’t visit these sites either.

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