Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention

For Hillary Clinton supporters, the lack of oxygen in the Mile High City must be taking its toll.  First of all, isn’t it time to just move on.  Senator Clinton’s Kool-aid drinking followers feel some need to get her name in nomination just so that, well, just so that they can say….so they can say….they got her name in nomination.  Right?  Am I missing something?  They want Hillary’s name in nomination just so they can say they did it, only to then have her lose the Democratic Presidential Nomination AGAIN!? in public, on national television for all the world to see.

I could understand if the flock wanted to present this as if Hillary Clinton was going to be the first woman ever to be placed in nomination on behalf of a major political Party for President of the United States.  It would be some sort of ceremonial “first”.  But it is not.  Maine Senator Margaret Chase Smith was placed in nomination at the 1964 Republican convention, and New York Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm was placed in nomination at the 1972 Democratic convention.  So what is the point?

The Kool-Aid drinkers wanted to be able to say “SO THERE!.  They want the political equivalent of stomping their feet and crossing their arms, nodding their head quickly forward and saying “HUH!” only to ONCE AGAIN see their candidate LOSE!!!!!   Talk about glutton’s for punishment.   And they will still blame Barack Obama himself, rather than the people that voted for him, for winning.  When did Democrats become such immature cry-babies.  Maybe they always have.  There has always been something holding me back from officially registering with the Democratic Party, and behavior like this plays a huge roll in that decision.

So the Clinton Kool-Aid drinkers don’t want to win the White House, they don’t want a Democrat there, they just want Hillary Clinton there and to prove their point they’d rather vote for John McCain than another Democrat who actually has the same core values that they do.  This is among the stupidest things I have ever heard and in my mind, no better than the Bush Administration lying to the American public about reasons for going to war, except this time they are only lying to themselves.

We already know that Hillary got a lot of votes.  We already know that some people find her to be quite captivating and strong; able to lead, yadda, yadda, yadda.  SHE LOST!  OK?  Do you need yet another spectacle to distract the Party and America from the real issues.  The fact that Hillary Clinton “came close” is not an Election 2008 Issue.   It is now just a small part of the story and I find no reasonable explanation for focusing attention on what Hillary Clinton almost did.  You had plenty of time to do that when it was happening.  Stick a fork in it, it’s done!


One thought on “Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention

  1. Thank you for that post. And now, for some reason, people are attacking Barack for being a closet-Muslim and all that stuff because Hillary lost.

    The funniest thing about them is that they call Obama a liar over the fake-birth certificate thing. they say “It’s about being a LIAR! Do you want a liar in the white house?”

    I guess they didn’t realize their candidates (billary and mcsame) are liars as well.

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