Democrats on Abortion

Politics is a complicated business.  None of us will ever agree on everything.  Even among people in the same political party.  And as much as right wing conservatives and neo-cons try to make the world believe that all democrats are radical pro-choice maniacs, it’s just not true.

I am as liberal they come, for the most part.  But I don’t think that my views on abortion are much different from most moderate democrats, or moderate republicans for that matter.

The right wingers like to make it sound like abortion is such a big political issue.  First of all, I don’t know one person in my life right now who is struggling with the decision of having an abortion.  I also don’t know one person in my life who has struggled with this issue within the past 10 years.  I have known women personally who have had to ponder this question at some point; but, it was an excruciating decision.

Even a woman who is radically pro-choice, a woman who would march on Washington, speak at a pro-choice rally, or back a pro-choice candidate, would  wallow in the gut-wrenching, emotional pain involved in deciding to actually have an abortion.  It is an awful thing even if you believe you should have the right to do it.

So let’s get some things perfectly clear.  It is individuals who support the right to choose, not political parties.  Abortion is not something that people must deal with on a daily basis.  And even if you decide that abortion is your only option for your particular situation, it will probably be the most difficult thing you will ever have to deal with in your life.  You may be haunted by the memories of it forever.

So I do believe that women should have the right to choose.  Unfortunately, there are way too many reasons why a woman might decide that an abortion is the best decision.  I tried to list here as many reasons as I could think of, but I decided that, as a man, I can’t, and don’t have the right to.  But I will not let pro-life activists define the rules and try to convince others that pro-choice people have a devil-may-care attitude about abortion.  That’s just not the way it works.  It’s not like we sit around and plan post-abortion parties.   This discussion needs to stop.  Roe v. Wade was 35 years ago.  The legality of abortion has not changed the landscape of our country; it hasn’t made it better or worse.  An unwanted pregnancy is still one of the most dramatic events a woman will ever go through no matter what the outcome.  And the fathers may struggle and suffer just as much as the woman do.  Why do conservatives think they will feel better if they make an emotionally wounded woman feel even worse about herself if they add legal guilt into the mix.  I’d really like to see what a pro-life person decides to do when his or her daughter gets kidnapped, raped, and left for dead, only to discover when they find her alive, that the rapist got her pregnant.  They might all not support it, but some of them will support their daughters right to CHOOSE an abortion.

One thought on “Democrats on Abortion

  1. A huge outcry from the pro-lifers is that, somehow, Roe v. Wade is unconstitutional. Wouldn’t it be unconstitutional if they decided to prohibit abortion? They fail to see that not every mother who doesn’t want her child is going to get abortion, and all Roe does is guarantee that they have a choice to abort it. Abortions happened all the time before Roe v. Wade (no, not the back-alley illegal ones). We called them, hmm… MISCARRIAGES?

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