Hillary Clinton Supporters – it’s time to MOVE ON

Back in 2004 when George W. Bush won the presidential election, I was so mad, I cried.  I was so angry I could not go to work the next day.  I sat in front of the television hoping that somehow, something went wrong and they had miscounted,  I kept waiting and waiting for “Breaking News” saying that someone had found severe voter fraud or someone found a whole bunch of ballots that were never counted and the Democrats really won.  But that day never came.

I was mad.  I was mad as hell and I wasn’t going to take it anymore.  But where was I to point my anger?  Who was I to blame?   Someone should pay. 

Was I mad at Bush.  Sure, but it wasn’t his fault he won the election.  Who was to blame?  Was it the media?  Yeah, the media.  The convinced the American voters to vote for Bush, or they didn’t do a good enough job convincing the electorate what the facts were and that they should vote for Kerry. 

Or maybe it was those 527 Organizations.  The Swift Boaters.  Those bastards, it was all their fault.

But when i peeled back all of the layers of my anger I realized that there was only one source of blame for the betrayal I felt; the American People.  The American voters picked George W. Bush.  Yes, it was a close race.  But in the end, their just were not enough people willing to vote for John Kerry.  How was I going to be angry at all of America, or at least the roughly half that didn’t vote the way I wanted them to.

I found out you can’t go around being mad at everyone.  In my recent foray into the world of blogging, I have blamed those who voted for Bush for this mess we are in.  I do point fingers at this collective group when I can and when it makes sense.  Like, if you don’t like the fact that we are still in Iraq, blame George Bush.  If you don’t like $4.00 gas prices, blame Bush.

So now we have Hillary Clinton supporters who have displaced anger.  They are mad at Barack Obama and will go so far as to not vote for him, even though he intends to bring about the same change that Hillary Clinton wanted to affect.   They still support Hillary, and still, to this day, think there is some way they can MAKE her win the 2008 nomination.   And she’s not helping; neither is her husband.  When she’s out on the stump saying things like “For all of you who voted for me in the primaries….and caucuses….I want you to know that the best thing you can do for the Democratic Party is to throw your support for Barack Obama“.

Hmm, did she really need to say “primaries and caucuses”.  Did she need to make that statement so specific that it actually brings back the bitter memories these people have of the nomination process?  And now I hear she wants to at least have her name put in the Conventions first round ballot box just to show, or to prove, that she was a real contender.  And why is Barack Obama responsible for the millions and millions of dollars that Hillary owes in debt.  He didn’t rack up her debt, he didn’t leverage her campaign to the hilt assuming it would all work out in the end because she WOULD be the nominee because she DESERVES to be the nominee.

It’s over people.  Barack Obama is the nominee.  If you want to be MAD at somebody, the only people you can be mad at, if you really feel the need, are the people who did NOT vote for Hillary Clinton.  It’s not Barack Obama’s fault that people didn’t vote for Hillary.  If you want to blame the media for misogyny, go ahead.  But don’t blame Obama.  And who’s paying now for what Hillary said about him back during the primaries back then?  Barack Obama.  Hillary didn’t do him any favors, and still isn’t.  But Hillary still lost and Barack still won.  You can’t change that.  So stop acting like a fourth grade who got picked last for the dodge ball team, stop stomping your feet and folding your arms in front of you and screaming and pointing and blaming anyone and everyone you can.  It was the people, the American people, who did not agree with you enough, enough to bring Hillary to the promised land like you think she should be.

Don’t throw away the entire democratic agenda, an agenda that you stood behind when Hillary was talking about it, just because the person delivering the agenda isn’t who you wanted.  That is just plan ridiculous and its time to move on.

Hillary supporters would rather have John McCain win, a man who will bring this country even further down the rabbit hole (or shit hole) that Bush has for eight years; than vote for a man who has the same basic platform as Hillary Clinton.  My god, what are you people thinking.  You are offically part of this countries problems, not part of the solution.


3 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Supporters – it’s time to MOVE ON

  1. Totally agreed. Added you to my blogroll, maybe you can do the same for me.

    Hillary’s supporters are just like her: when they don’t get what they want, they whine and kick and scream and attack their opponents until they get what they want. Let’s just hope she doesn’t pull a fast one at the conventions and tear the party apart… That would seal the deal for McCain.

  2. I’m stumped on this Hillary pity party as well. Why is it OK for Hillary to solicit support based on her gender and not OK for Barak to solicit support because of his race. Obama has not courted the black community, he has reached out to all communities. Why do Hillary supporters feel like she has been mis-treated? She acts as if she is owed something, this is America, no one has a claim to the White House. Hillary and her supporters are under the impression that she is supposed to be the President, that is an elitest attitude. Every 4 years Dems find a way to blow a sure thing and this election year will be no different. I bet Florida is relieved that America will not blame it on giving the White House to the Republicans, this year it is Hillary and her supporters screw up! Hillary you are toast!

  3. And don’t forget. Hillary still owes a lot of people a lot of money; millions. So she still needs some loyalty from somebody out there to help her pay off her debts. This is standard practice in politics at this level but Obama is only going to do so much.

    So somewhere, Hillary supporters are being courted to continue the fight so that the money still flows. As usual, it’s not about the politics anymore, it’s about the money.

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