Jon Voight Speaks Out – who cares

Jon Voight can say whatever he wants to say, I guess.  But so can the rest of us.  He can say all he wants about how the country will be worse off if Barack Obama is President.  That’s what we call freedom on speech.  And people like Glenn Beck (yeah, the fat windbag on CNN, not the real CNN, just Headline News CNN) can put Voight up on a pedestal for “finally speaking out against leftist Hollywood” and both of them can suggest that there is some covert “blacklist” in Hollywood marking those people who are outspoken Republicans.  That’s their prerogative.  

But give me a break

So let’s talk about blacklists.  Let talk about how Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, and even George W. Bush himself put Valerie Plame’s life in danger by outing her as a CIA agent while she was under cover.  In the real world we call this treason.  They did it to get back at Plame’s husband, Joe Wilson, for “speaking out” against the Bush Administration and the lies they told to go to war in Iraq.

So I think people should speak out with their votes, and their pocket books because that is the only thing that most people understand.

Voters are going to speak out this November by scooping the Republicans out of office like you would scoop the cat shit out of the litter box.   And my suggestion is to tell Jon Voight how you feel by never going to another movie he makes and never renting another video he is in.  That’s not a covert black list, that is just putting your money where your mouth is.

Jon Voight and his comments are among the most hypocritical things I have ever heard.  The only reason Jon Voight can even conjure up such accusations is because he recognizes them so readily from the Republicans he worships so much.

I’m won’t say the Angelina Jolie is a model citizen or should be revered by anyone, but you can tell by her actions that even though she may be a bit odd, she’s a wonderful person and a fine humanitarian.  It does not make me wonder even a little bit why she and her father, Jon Voight, have little to no relationship to speak of.  Why Jon Voight is afraid of Barack Obama and why he is afraid that America might turn into a real Democracy where people’s human rights and freedoms are not tossed aside by its own government, I don’t know.  You’ll have to ask him that.

God, I get pissed off at people’s stupidity.


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