Obama vs. McCain – what the hell is going on

How can you watch Barack Obama stand in Berlin and give that speech (look it up if you didn’t see it or hear it) and not see this man as the next leader of the free world.  We can talk about issues all day long, and we will disagree.  But this election is about so many things, not just Iraq and the economy.  I’ll say it – I was proud to be an American today, and representing me was a man with vision, and insight, who can speak to the world on my behalf.  I have never said that about another person in my life.

Back home, McCain is talking to NBC news.  I don’t know why he speaks to the media because he steps in shit each and every time.  I can see his staff watching from the bunker throwing their hands up, banging themselves on the head, sweating, swearing and yelling at the TV screen for McCain to JUST SHUT UP, for god’s sake.  In the past week he’s gotten the facts about the “surge” wrong, in terms of when it started in his head versus when it really started.  He thinks Iraq was the first conflict after 9/11 (um, can you say Afghanistan?)  Today, towards the end of a week of many McCain gaffes, Kelly O’Donnell asks McCain if these so called gaffes can be dismissed as just a byproduct of his age.  With a laugh McCain blathers on as follows (mind you he doesn’t answer the question “These are tough times in America and the world. They need someone with experience and knowledge and background to make the kids of judgement that will….reform judgement.  I know how to keep us prosperous and bring us the peace.  I know how to win wars.  I hate wars.  I know how to keep prosperity and grow the economy……yadda yadda yadda.”

So McCain didn’t answer the question that his age is a factor in his memory loss but I will.  YES, he is going senile.  And if you are crying out for the Reagan years, you’ve got them, McCain has Alzheimer’s too.  I can hear the brain nerve tissue eroding from here.

Can we be done yet, PLEASE!  Let’s just vote already.  I can’t take it any more.


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