Jaw-dropping: the evidence of Bush Administration War Crimes

Quote courtesy of MotherJones.com:

“Alberto Gonzalez renders [the] Geneva [conventions] obsolete for U.S. purposes in a policy-setting memo. When Secretary of State Colin Powell reads it, he immediately sets up a meeting with the president, telling him the document, if followed, “will reverse over a century of U.S. policy and practice.”

I believe that it is in your best interest to take a look at everything you know happened but may have forgotten.  And when you put it all together in a timeline, the evidence of abuse of presidential power (or rather the president’s perception of his own power) are astounding.

This is just one example of the “tip of the iceberg”.  When I began searching for information about the timeline of the Iraqi war, knowing now the lies and manipulations, criminal in nature, perpetrated by the Bush Administraiton, I knew I would find evidence.  I just didn’t realize that it was probably 100 times worse than I thought it was.

I know that in an election year, especially when we are this close, nobody is going to rock the boat for fear of eithe losing their incumbent seat or not winning a seat if they are not the incumbent.  So who should do what?  Well, a crime is a crime.  President Bush has invoked executive privilege so many times that it really cant’ be considered a privilege anymore, it’s just business as usual.  But after January 20, 2009, Bush and his cronies will be regular citizens and there is nothing to stop anyone from bringing war crime charges against the lot. 

McCain will never seek to bring the republicans to justice.  My only hope is that the democrats will do the right thing, appoint a special investiator, and bring them all down.  I want to see arrests, public trials, and jail times for the pile of indefensible crimes committed by George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, and anybody else involved in these autrocities.

This is America, people.  Justice is justice and our constitution guarantees that we have the right to speak out against an unjust or illegal government.  I have only one voice.  We all need to speak out.  Seeing Bush in handcuffs lead off to jail would be far more satisfying than watching Saddam Hussein hanged in public.


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