Even the Republicans don’t believe in Republicans

On a recent episode of Bill Moyers’ Journal on PBS, he had two Republican guests who wrote books about the condition and current mixed-up state of the Republican party.

Even I was amazed at how frank, honest, and candid they were about the state of the GOP and where it has all gone wrong.  Bill Moyers talked with conservative authors Mickey Edwards and Ross Douthat about the state of American conservatism and the Republican party.

It is important that people see, or at least read, the views of these two staunch Republicans. They talked at great length about the abuse of power of the Bush Administration.  They also spoke at lenght about how the republicans use the Constitution to prove their point unless is doesn’t suit them, wherein they ignore the constitution and use their own attorneys to figure out a way to interpret the Constitution to futher their agenda, ignore the law, lie to the public, and so on, and so on.

The link to Moyers’ web site dealing with this issue on PBS is here: http://www.pbs.org/moyers/journal/07112008/gop.html

Quote from the site:

“It’s no secret that some members of the GOP are distancing themselves from the Bush administration as they get themselves ready for the 2008 election. ”

From the Goldwater Republicans to the Reagan Democrats, all is addressed here.  For anyone who wants to really understand what is going on in today’s politics, you owe it to yourself to dial in to this interview.


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