Republicans and the love/hate affair with John McCain

Today, June 21, 2008, mark your calendars because you will need to track this to understand it.

The Republican establishment, it’s surrogates, including talk radio, mouthpieces, congress persons, pundits, and strategists, are FOR John McCain and will defend him with their lives.

Is it because they truly believe in the John McCain “movement” or is it because they are just so afraid of Barack Obama and the true movement of the Democratic party, who finally sees, and now has proof of, the lies and betrayal of Bush and his administration, that they will stand behind John McCain at all costs.

Let’s look at recent history.  Pundits and talk radio, pablum puking right wingers like Laura Ingraham and Mike Gallagher, and Rush Fatbaugh, said horrible, horrible, demeaning, condescending things about John McCain prior to him being the only Republican nominee left to fight against the big bad democrats.

But that was “before”.  And by before I mean before the Republicans and Democrats had picked their respective nominees for President.

Now, John McCain is superman, a war hero, a superior intellectual, the saving grace of the Republican party.  Need I go on.   Did they really think they would get away with it.  “We hate him, we hate him, we hate him, he’s not even a real Republican”.  Now, it’s a different story.  At least Hillary Clinton’s supporters have stuck to their principles, no matter how flawed, and refuse to back anyone else.; no matter what.


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