Issues for the 2008 Presidential Election

WOW am I getting tired of issues that are not really issues.  I’m not sure if cable news just needs to fill time, or if conservative think tanks are trying to convince voters that certain issues exist just because McCain is so far behind, or maybe it’s is a little bit of both.

I have said this before and I will say it again.  Abortion and Gay Marriage are not issues.

How many of you out there are dealing with abortion right now.  How many are dealing with gays getting married.  Sure maybe there are one or two reading this blog that are dealing with this issue.  But I’m pretty sure it is not a number that makes a bit of difference.

But really now.  Does a woman get an abortion every day, every week, what, how often.  And take one woman you know as an example and think about all of the other women she knows.  How many of them are dealing with an unwanted pregnancy right now.  Abortion is something that, even if you are pro-choice and having unprotected sex, you would only have to deal with once, maybe twice in a lifetime.  There are NOT huge swarms of pregnant women in every small town in America sitting around at forums or symposiums talking about their pregnancies and whether or not they should ABORT, ABORT, ABORT.

Come on people.  This is not an issue in this or any other election.  Even if you are pro-choice, Abortion is a life-changing decision, the hardest decision of your life, and a decision not made easily, no matter what your beliefs.  So let’s just stop pretending that liberals are so liberal that they think every baby is on the table as a candidate for cut-and-run.

Now, Gay Marrriage.  How many people to you know that are gay and want to get married.  And because they want to get married, this is affecting your life somehow.  I’m gay and I don’t even know any gay people that want to get married.  So let’s stop pretending that Gay Marriage is an issue.   JUST STOP IT ALREADY.

The issues are the economy and the war.  Luckily, thanks in part to Barack Obama (at least he was on the right side) got emergency extended benefit for those who are unemployed and whose benefits ran out.  That’s a tough thing to handle and this type of help is the kind of assistance that real Americans need.  I know on a first hand basis what it is like to lose your job, then lose your car, then lose your home and then lose your unemployment benefits.  I find it hard to believe that suicide isn’t more prevalent.  Maybe there is, and it’s just not on the news.

And the war.  Come on.  Is there not yet enough information available to each and every person in the world to prove the George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condi Rice, and Karl Rove made up a war, lied to the American people, cost untold number of lives, both American and otherwise; cost untold numbers of maimed and scarred-for-life soldiers that will never be the same again.  All for the sake of Bush’s ego and a bundle of money that he and Cheney made off this whole thing.

I’ll be writing another post shortly about the my personal reflections on the war as the result of my own nephew who is 19 years old…..19 years old…..and putting his life on the line ever day for me, and you and doesn’t have a clue why he’s doing it.

Other than the economy and the war, the only thing left is our dignity, as Americans.  Barack Obama isn’t perfect, nobody is.  But if it takes a man with eloquence, charisma, charm, empathy, patriotism, and genuine care for his fellow human beings to inspire this country to heal itself, then I trust him.  And I want him to represent me as an American around the world. 


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