June 2008 Politics update

There is so much going on in politics right now that it is difficult to keep up.  This is when I miss Tim Russert.

Between the supreme court rulings on guns and child rape, to congressional votes on oil drilling, to Hillary and Obama uniting, to John McCain pandering, to the latest “polls” showing Obama up in every state against McCain.  It is so difficult to get a feel for the what is really going on.

My opinion is that Obama is very popular.  I think to some degree he is trying his best to bide his time and McCain and friends are doing their best to tear him down in the meantime.

I believe that Obama, at this point, will do anything, and say anything to put out fires at every turn, and rightly so.  We are at a point in the election year where the kitchen sink is being thrown at both candidates.  Realistically, we could hold the election today.

There isn’t anything we are going to learn between now and November that will help us decide for whom to vote for President.  There will be mudslinging, character assassinations, outright lies, attack adds from 527 organizations.  But all this will simply distract us from the issues.

If you want to make abortion and gay marriage an issue, go ahead.  You know, when you think about it, how many Americans deal with abortion and gay marriage as a daily issue in their lives.  OK, like about 7 people out of the over 300 million that live in this country.

The things we all care about are the economy and the war in Iraq (they go hand in hand right along with the price of gas and groceries).  But more importantly this election is about ethics and integrity.  It is about improving our lives, our country, and improving the way the rest of the world looks at us.

Having said that, in my mind, there is only one clear choice.  And if you take even one moment to scan the world media and find out what they are thinking you will see that choice too.


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