Lindsey Graham and Joe Biden on Meet the Press

While I certainly will forever miss Tim Russert on Meet the Press, my interest this week in watching was simply to catch up on the issues.  Brian Williams did a great job, I suspect in part due to the research that Tim Russert had already done.  Williams said so himself in the introduction to the show.

Lindsey Graham doesn’t even know where the U.S. oil reserves are and said he was for off-shore drilling.  Then Williams threw up a quote proving that Graham was against off-shore drilling in favor of tourism.  This was prefaced by Graham saying he couldn’t believe a man “as talented as Obama” could fall so hard so fast.

What the hell is that hayseed hick of a South Carolina Senator talking about? 

I think McCain picked the wrong “Lindsey”.   I think Lindsay Lohan was the one they meant to send on Meet the Press.  She could have done a better job of defending John McCain’s positions.  And I’m not sure if Lindsay Lohan even knows who McCain is.

Now, let’s talk about preparation.  Joe Biden showed up prepared, with notes, and cut off Graham at every pass.  Graham showed up with bags under his eyes and a snarl on his face.  Watching him was was like watching a sand castle try to survive the incoming tide.

Thank god the interview with those two didn’t last the full hour or McCain might have resigned this afternoon.

On to campaign financing.  What the republicans are trying to make a “big deal” about is something that they simply don’t understand.  Barack Obama signed a form that said he would “discuss and agree upon with the other candidate, the right kind of campaign finance reform”.  The goal of reform is to get PAC money and 527 money out of the campaign.  So McCain may want to stand on his holy soap box and try to make a big deal about this but the bottom line is that McCain intentionally did not decide about public financing until about two days ago and on that same day said that Barack Obama did not keep his word.  But the bottom line is that Barack Obama stumbled upon a new, fair system of public financing.  Use the Internet to get your donations and keep big business and lobbyist dollars out of it.  So the part that Republicans can’t seem to understand is “thinking outside the box”.  The can hold up some piece of paper and claim that Obama didn’t keep his word.  But as for really reading that paper and seeing what Obama wrote in himself, further, and beyond the Yes/No question, was his intent.  Intent is nine tenths of the law.


One thought on “Lindsey Graham and Joe Biden on Meet the Press

  1. I agree with you 99%. My 1% is Obama didn’t ” ‘stumble’ upon a new fair system of public financing” this is the way Obama fund raised in Chicago from he was a State Senator. He always believed in engaging citizens by making them a part of his campaign — even if they only contributed $5. He has always tried to get as many people as possible involved.

    The republicans are just spoil sports; can you imagine what they’d be doing IF McCain had the capability to raise that kind of money? They would be spinning it like there was no tomorrow.

    I think the bigger question is WHY John McCain pursued public financing. It’s not because he wants to, it’s because he’s not getting the money. Up unti last week he was actively wooing PACS for campaign funds.

    I think that McCain accepting public financing shows a major weakness in his campaign. Republicans has historically been able to raise much more money than Democrats from their fat cats. It seems that the fat cats has abandoned McCain — I wonder why???

    I also believe Obama would get MUCH MORE CRITICISM if he DID accept public financing. It’s a competition you have to use every advantage you have to win. The goal is to win. The republicans would all be celebrating right now if Obama had decided to take public financing. They love to call him naive. He’s ‘young’ (compared to 71)but he’s no fool.

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