Scott McClellan testifies before Congress, finally

I heard some of the pundits today, as I was channel surfing not long enough to care who said what, say they hoped that Scott McClellan thought it was worth “selling out his president” for a few shekels, obviously referring yet again to the Judas comments made about him a month or so ago.

Let me tell you, Scott McClellan wanted to make a few “shekels” he could have written any book.  And I mean any book about how wonderful and patriotic and “American” the President and his goons are and have been for protecting this country, for the “surge” working, blah, blah, blah.  And Fox News would have held him up, covered him in gold leaf, and exalted him on high.

But he didn’t.  He decided to take the risk, take the hit, and tell the truth as he knows it.  And for the record, he didn’t make a lot of money off this book.

So you Republican congressmen who brought him up to the hill to testify, only to dismiss him and refer to him as nothing more than a “book club”, don’t deserve to serve this country or represent anybody.

And while I”m at it, the democrats are cowards.  There is more than enough information available to impeach George Bush and to indict most of the Bush Administration.  But they are too afraid to make waves in an election year.



4 thoughts on “Scott McClellan testifies before Congress, finally

  1. Impeachment? Don’t be dumb. If impeachment was a possibility, the rabid leftist Senators and Congressmen would have had their way a long time ago. Bush is just a person you disagree with, but you feel it necessary to demonize him and prescribe these ulterior motives to him to make yourself seem superior. It’s not working.

  2. So you stayed up late just to insult me. Talk about rabid.

    If you can’t admin YET that Bush and his Administration are criminals, well, talk about not admitting your own faults. Pot, I’d like you to meet kettle.

    As for an agenda; try the dictionary. I am not calling anyone to action, I’m just stating my opinion. That’s the problem with the right, they don’t even want to admin the are wrong. Get off my site, idiot, or I’ll just block you.

    Again, check the dictionary under “decency”.

  3. It is interesting to look back on these older posts. Scott McClellan ended up endoring Barck Obama for President, along with a long line of Bushies including Colin Powell, who to this day is the only black man who is white enough to run for President as a Republican. And to “The Dude” who said I am demonizing Bush and his cronies to make myself feel superior. I’ve got 3 words for you: “Election Day 2008”. The American public indicted the Republican Party, not me. As for superior, no, ahead of my time, yes. So bite me.

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