Does right wing media hate or love John McCain?

I’m getting very confused.  Months ago, when the GOP race for the nomination was still going on, right wing media like Mike Gallagher, Laura Ingraham, and Rush Limbaugh debased John McCain with such degrees of hatred, you would have thought he was a Democrat.

Now that John McCain is the only thing they have to hold on to their war and tax cuts for the wealthy, he is the Messiah.  Now, it is strange that I just typed that word because that is the word the Neo-Cons use to make fun of the Obama movement.  They demoralize supporters of Barack Obama; convincing their listeners (and I use that term loosely because if they were really, really listening, they would turn it off) that Obama supporters have been brain washed, or are just plain stupid for supporting him.

I don’t understand why the liberal media doesn’t just lay out all of the comments word for word that right wing media has said about McCain both before his nomination, and after.  Maybe somebody has and I just missed it.  But to me, the contrasts are startling.  In just one example I can remember, because I wrote about it, Laura Ingraham, in February of this year, berated John McCain, stated she was voting for Romney in the primary, and anyone who wasn’t going to vote how she was voting, is destroying conservatism at its very core.  She continued the very next day with her hatred of McCain calling him an out and out liar.  She commented on human psychology and explained that when you tell a lie over and over again, just look into the camera or talk into the microphone and lie over and over again, if you say it enough times, people will believe it, and she found that to be repugnant. 

I must say that many liberal media outlets participate in this sort of behavior.  Many, many cable and radio talk show discounted and made fun of most Democratic candidates including Hillary Clinton.   But the difference is, the liberals got it right, and rightly so (no puns intended).  Liberal media understood Democrats and their ideals and knew that the right choice was Obama. 

So to your right wingers, explain this to me.  How can you hat McCain one day, and then when he’s all you’ve got, exalt him to the highest.  What is your explanation for this.  What is it you are afraid of; that America will become an upstanding, honest, caring nation again.  That the next President won’t lie his way in to a War.  Are you afraid that poor people might get some help from the government and maybe, well, I don’t know, move into your neighborhood?  You’d rather stick up for a man you despised than admit you were wrong.  Wow, it’s like a junior high school class treasurer election all over again.


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