I just don’t understand Lou Dobbs

I have tried for year but I don’t understand Lou Dobbs.  I don’t watch his show often because for the most part, I just can’t follow what he’s for or against.  And or the most part, I see him as nothing more than a curmudgeon.

Bill Schneider from CNN was talking with Lou Dobbs on his show yesterday.  Schneider referred to Obama’s campaign as a “movement”.

Dobbs, in his usual grumpy old self, someone who hates everybody and just generally seems like he hasn’t has a bowel movement in weeks, said “well for us mere mortals, we thought this was a “Campaign”, as opposed to a “Movement”.

Well Lou, you can suck it.  If after everything that has happened and with all of the information available to you, you don’t understand that Barack Obama’s race for the Presidency is a movement and not just a campaign, then why do you have a show on television where you are, or pretend to be, and expert on anything and so very plugged in to American culture.

Anybody who can bring about this much enthusiasm for politics, can bring this many people to their local town hall to register to vote, and can just generally give people hope again in our country, is part of a movement, not just a campaign.  If Barack Obama’s platform included shutting the borders and shipping back all of the Mexicans (and I don’t have a position on that one way or another) Lou Dobbs would speak of him as if he were the second coming of Christ.

So that’s right Lou.  Suck it. Go get some Metamucil, sit on the toilet for a while, and maybe, just maybe some day, you can get that twisted, scrunched up, bowel-obstructed half-smile off your face.

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