Laura Ingraham is the ultimate Republican whore OR License Plates in S. Carolina

I couldn’t decide on a title so I went with both.

South Carolina recently launched a Christian-themed specialty license plate.  The governor allowed the plate to be put into use without his signature, leaving it to the motor vehicle department to use its discretion.

The plate motto is “I believe” with an icon of a gold cross over a stained glass window.

I don’t often watch Fox News, because I can’t stand it for long, but I watched as Laura Ingraham, the ultimate Republican whore, defended this action saying things like “oh come on, it’s not like this license plates are going to “make” people go to church” and “why not just leave them alone, it isn’t hurting anyone”.


right wing license plate


OK, now while Fox News, the Bush Administration, and Laura Ingraham herself refuse to admit that the U.S. Constitution exists (it does, I’ve actually read it), there is an ideal discussed in that menial, unimportant document upon which our country was founded called “Separation of Church and State”.  And I believe, in this case, that South Carolina is a State.  I know that from the history book who referenced the Civil War as the “war between the States” where South Carolina was fighting for the right to shackle and whip Africans into forced labor for years on end with no civil rights of any kind.  But I digress.

If Ms. Ingraham can not see the basic premise that putting religious emblems on government issued registration devices is the simplest form of overriding the church/state LAW, then she needs to just hang it up, and NOW.  And I would call on Fox News to fire her.  Would you hire someone to work at your company who simply couldn’t read (in this case a document called the Constitution).

If South Carolina, and its governor who funded the original project with his own 4 thousand dollars, produced license plates with every single religious denomination in the world and made them available to every South Carolinian, then maybe I wouldn’t have a problem with this but I think even then I would see it as a sparation of church and state issue.  But do you really think that South Carolina would allow license plates that say “I don’t believe, I’m an Atheist”?

The Governor of South Carolina, Fox News, and Laura Ingraham should have reacted to this the way that the rest of us Consitution believers did – if you wan’t to profess your faith, get a bumper sticker.


7 thoughts on “Laura Ingraham is the ultimate Republican whore OR License Plates in S. Carolina

  1. Calling her a whore is degrading and piggish. Can’t you make your point without degrading the woman and being hateful?

  2. I am not a misogynist. There are men whores and women whores and in this context it means anyone who will take a dollar, or bow to the Almighty dollar, for a cause.

    I am NOT insinuating that she accepts money for sex. What I am saying is that Laura Ingraham will do anything and say anything for a dollar as long as she thinks it furthers her cause.

    I can’t figure out why you would really be so offended by my remarks. I’m not being degrading and hateful, I’m being honest. The hate speak and degradation stems from Ms. Ingraham herself. Have you ever listened to her talk show. She degrades women by here behavior way more than I ever could by what I write.

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