The 2008 Presidential Election – Where we stand right now.

Hillary Clinton finally conceded on Saturday, June 7.  I was a bit skeptical at first since she started her speech with “This isn’t the kind of party I wanted to throw…” and continued to bring up the 18 million voters who supported her in the primary; historical by her standards but you first need a classs in “Hillary math” to understand it all.

She first needs to stop her surrogates like Governor Rendell of PA, and Terry McCauliffe, her campaign manager, who continue to say things like “Barack Obama will make a good President but Hillary Clinton is still very popular”.  If they are truly dedicated to winning the 2008 Presidency, they should just shut up.

Finally, this election is not about Hillary, it is about Barack Obama.  In listening to the cable talk shows they keep bringing up the fact the Hillary captured the white female vote and that Obama will need her as VP to garner those voters.

I don’t think so.  Surprisingly enough, the white women I have talked to don’t think highly of Hillary Clinton and don’t see her winning or losing as a social commentary about what Americans think about women in positions of power.

The one most recurring theme among the women I have talked to is first, they don’t trust her, and second, how could she have stayed with such a slime ball of a husband just for her own political gain.  That disgusts them.  The Democrats need to consider this, and deal with it.  As much affection as people may have for the Clinton’s, there are just as many that are completely turned off by them.  In my opinion, Obama should operate as if Hillary just wasn’t an option and move on with the VP selection process. 

I was truly shocked.  I honestly had no idea that woman felt this way about Hillary.  Every time I saw a Hillary rally, I saw many, many white women clapping in the background.  Was this a well choreographed television stunt, done over and over again?  I don’t know.

If cable television shows are talking almost 24/7 about whether or not Hillary should be VP then it seems obvious to me that the VP should not be Hillary.  If the path is not obvious, then you’re on the wrong path.

I’ve said it before, America was ready for a female president, and they are certainly ready for a female vice president.  But Hillary is NOT the only woman out there, and certainly not the only man or woman who is qualified to be Vice President.

Polls have been proved so very wrong in this election cycle.  I believe the polls are wrong because this election is so different, for the first time in history.  Polling has been done for years but are they asking the right questions the right way anymore.  Somehow I doubt it.  Politicians and pundits like to put voters in neat little piles but this is a different kind of election.   Don’t assume anything about women, men, whites, people of color, gays, or any other group you want to target.  According to “polls” I should be a Hillary Clinton supporter, but I am not and never have been.

In the latest “polling” Barack Obama and John McCain or neck and neck in the national election.  Of course, because it they weren’t, all of the cable talk shows and radio shows that make their bread and butter from politics wouldn’t have anything to talk about and no revenue dollars to deposit in their bank accounts.

The number one issue on the minds of Americans is the economy.  Yes, Iraq is important, too, and in some ways play a role in the economy.  But no matter if you are a male, female, person of color, heterosexual, homosexual, veteran, person with a disability, and so on, and so on, it still costs you, no matter who you are, $4.00 a gallon for gas (as of today).  The gas pump doesn’t see what is the same or different about your background or beliefs, you money is green and that’s all that matters.

I would like to let things settle down.  Obama should wait until right before the DNC convention in August to announce his VP decision.  I would like to take a moratorium on political blog writing for a while because I am burned out on it and I’m sure you are too (and so are the candidates).  So unless something major, and mean MAJOR happens, I’m not even going to comment on it.  I have been remiss is making social commentary on so many other things anyway so it will give me a chance to catch up.



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