The bickering continues about Vice President and it must stop

I realize that Hillary Clinton needed to make a graceful exit from the official Presidential campaign.  And although her concession speech on Saturday afternoon was a great speech, it still, in some way, continued to draw attention to the one and only Hillary Clinton.

Her staunch supporters like McCauliffe and Rendell are running the talk show circuit and are saying “well, Barack Obama will make an excellent President”.  But it all sounds so insincere. If you read between the lines, and based on their body language, they are still pissed off, trying to be manipulative, and not helping the situation at all.

McCauliffe and Rendell, and Ickes (yup he’s still around) are still bucking for a job somehow.  Now, Rendell doesn’t need one, he’s the governor of Pennsylvania.  But who knows what his agenda is.  The others don’t have a career right now.  They felt as entitled to a position in Hillary’s administration as she felt about being President.

Obama’s supporters who were part of his campaign are also on the talk show circuit.  And if you really listen to what they have to say, (I’m talking about people like Wexler) they don’t think that Hillary is the best choice for Vice President.  Many democratic strategists are saying the same thing.

So everybody is walking a fine line.  Support Obama. Support Hillary’s concession but keep her name in the air for Vice President.

Everybody, including Hillary, needs to take a break.  Obama needs a vacation.  It’s going to be a long summer if we argue all summer about whether or not Hillary should be the V.P. candidate.

Let Barack have some time, let his team do their job and give everybody a chance to take a deep breath before the bickering tears the party apart just like the Republicans want.  Stop playing into their hand.  Have you learned nothing.  Hillary, herself, pointed out how few democratic Presidents have been around lately.  And the reason is the disorganization of the Democrats.  So just stop it.



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