How to choose the next President

I hope we all understand that presidential candidates have an agenda.  Each has a campaign based on what they feel they want to accomplish as President.

Among the issues this year are a better economy, health care for all, an improved education system, national security, the Iraq War, and our crumbling infrastructure.

It would be nice to think that whoever wins the 2008 Presidency would have the power to use pen and paper to sign executive orders to take care of all these things, but that’s just now how it works.  In fact, it is nice to know that not one person at the helm CAN change the state of the nation with the swipe of a pen.  That’s why we have a democracy which includes the House of Representative, the Senate, the Supreme Court, and the Exective Branch.  It’s called checks and balances.

So a President’s role is to guide Congress, work with Congress, work with his or her Cabinet, and work with other Nations to plot a course for the betterment  and safety of our Country and its citizens.

So in some way, it is not the President’s agenda that we are voting for, it is the Presidents ability to work with others.  We are also voting for someone who will represent America and its cohesive set of values to the world.

The candidates can debate, argue, and take pot shots at each other over their respective stances on policy or the direction our country shoujld take.  The reality is, without one party controlling the Presidency, the House, and the Senate, things tend to be in gridlock.  Bush and his administration enjoyed several years of domination and that’s how things go so screwed up.  Then, Democrats were swept into a majority in 2006, but it was a minor one and not enough of a majority to override the President and his veto power.  So again we are still in gridlock.  And the Republicans like to point out that the Democrats haven’t gotten anything done since they “took power”.  They didn’t really take power because they didn’t have the override votes.

So to me, the bottom line is we need to trust one party for now.  Vote for Obama and every Democrat you can find on your ticket.  The Republicans had their chance.  Whether or not you like the two party system, that’s what we have to work with.   And as far as the Presidency itself, it actually is more important to vote for someone you like, someone your trust, someone who is inspiring, and most of all someone the rest of the world likes and respects.



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