Bush finally gets his way, again

It has been a long held belief of many, and I am among them, that Bush’s real agenda in becoming President back on 2000 was to be a figurehead who is able to sit around all day and do nothing except play golf and go on vacation.

If it wasn’t for that darned 9/11 thing and those terrorists who interrupted the envious golf handicap he was working on, then everything would have been just fine.

Well, now that John McCain has clinched the 2008 Republican Nomination, and Obama the Democratic Nomination, all of the attention is on them and he can get back to his daily routine; nothing.

We are right back where we should be.  Nobody cares what George Bush is saying or doing, and he is happy to play that role.  He wanted to be a lame duck President since the first time he held is right hand up and pledged to uphold the Constitution.    I believe he thought “The Constitution” was the name of the local country club.

When the time comes, do we really need to say goodbye to George W. Bush next January?  Why can’t we just assume he’s checked out already and just concentrate on the next President.  Oh, and I’d be happy to see one last news item about his Presidential Library.  You should see it.  It’s beautiful and the card catalogue is easy to use as it consists of a Post-It note attached to one book (Dr. Suess) on a dusty shelf.




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