Hillary won’t concede and McCain thinks he’s won the Iraq war

Last night I was in a reflective mood, happy about Obama winning the nomination, a bit forgiving of Hillary, and overall just enjoying the moment.

This morning, I’m fired up again.  Last night, Hillary refused to actually concede the election to Obama.  She spoke to her “supporters” in New York and treated it more like a rally or call to arms.  Neither she, nor her misguided mouth pieces like Terry McCauliffe, and Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, will answer point blank questions like “Isn’t it over for Hillary”.  All you get is “Listen, she ran a great race, millions of people supported her, she won the popular vote (if you use Hillary math), and blah, blah, blah”. 

Neither the candidate nor her surrogates can seem to muster up the strength to say, “Congratulations Barack, you won, we didn’t”.  I find it self serving, insulting to Obama, and it is like she’s living in some fantasy world; and so are her supporters.  They were yelling and screaming last night like SHE had won the nomination.  All of them refusing to admit the truth to themselves.  And the media is giving them a pass.  Both CNN and MSNBC gave the Clinton campaign lots of latitude and never forced McCauliffe or Rendell to answer the question; instead letting them get away with continuing to campaign for Hillary Clinton rather than forcing them to concede.   They need to let it go. 

They need to let Barack Obama get on with his Presidential Campaign and launch his team into overdrive against John McCain.  Instead the Clinton campaign continues to attract attention to themselves that, at this point, is unnecessary.  She didn’t win, it’s over.   And if she is bucking for a VP position or some other position in Obama’s administration, it’s not like Obama is going to forget she’s out there.

All the while, McCain on TV last night is talking about how “different” he is from George W. Bush.  Really?!  Who is is trying to convince; him or me.  He said that we are finally winning the war as a result of the “Surge”.  Really?!  Ask to troops on the ground, as my nephew, as the local Iraqi people who, after 5 years, still have no running water or electricity.  If that’s winning, what does losing look like. 

McCain claims that at times he was a lonely voice on Capitol Hill, speaking out against how the Bushies were handling the war.  So apparently when he is sitting in the Capitol cafeteria, talking to his secretary over a cup of herbal tea and saying “You know, I’m not sure they did this quite right” constitutes as a Beacon of Change regarding the Iraq War.  So which is it, are we already winning or are speaking out against how the war was handled.  You can’t have it both ways, Johnny.  McCain has always maintained that Barack Obama did not serve in the military and therefore makes Obama less qualified to be President.  Well, I think that just because you were in the military, does not make you more qualified to be President. 

Around the World today, I have realized that this is not just about us.  From France to Kenya and many other nations, there is excitement that America has grown up, they finally matured enough to realize that color has nothing to do with the process.  It’s been said more than once but I will say it again.  What happened yesterday was an historic moment in the history of the United States of America.  The least that Hillary could have done was acknowledge that Barack Obama WON the nomination.  But she is too self-centered, and egotistical for that.  She’s no different than her husband.

Hillary – stop lying to yourself and your supporters, it is over, so just admit it.  Stop wasting MY time with your ungracious double-talk.

McCain – you know, good luck to you.  There is not a man, woman, or child, that can not see you are nothing more than an extension of Bush.  You can double-talk all you want but America is not stupid.  As you stand there and say we are winning the war, I wonder what the families and friends of the 4100 dead soldiers, untold thousands wounded, untold thousand of dead civilian Iraqis, and the people of Iraq trying to survive every day will think about that.


5 thoughts on “Hillary won’t concede and McCain thinks he’s won the Iraq war

  1. Thanks.

    There is real absurdity in the USA today.

    I have been ticked off with the insanity that is spun by TV talking heads, news that is not news, spoon fed or crammed down our throats and have not stopped to laugh at it.

    Your summary Title here made me stop and laugh.

    One blog called this “managed democracy”, an understatement.

    Clinton’s only reason to refuse to quit is to
    1. blackmail a VP slot
    2. invoke assassination
    Both disqualify her for dog catcher, much less VP or any other high post.

    McCain was a POW, I respect that.
    He was also a moderate Republican bend on reform in the time of Cholera, I respect that.

    But to get the nod for a presidential run he took a few chugs of Bush cool aid, so it is hard to see those former characteristics clearly today.

    Thanks for the humor, we need it.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, thanks for the comment, and the kind words. You are correct, if you don’t look at this whole thing with humor once in a while, you’ll drive yourself nuts. I like the line about dogcatcher 🙂

  3. Jimmy Carter says, Barack Obama + Hillary Clinton = John McCain. Jimmy is on the money too. Hillary, who refuses to officially concede, has put her campaign on hold, but is holding a rally in Washington DC for her supporters this coming Saturday. Last night Hillary invoked the memory of 9-11. She said that while the twin towers were gone, Lady Liberty was still standing. This, a testament to the resilience of the American people. I couldn’t help but think it a remarkable testament to the Clintons, that throughout the nomination process, despite my best efforts, this never came to light: “http://theseedsof9-11.com”

  4. Peggy- I was going to look at the link you offer.
    Hacked on your end or mine it loads for 15 minutes without showing anything.

  5. Peggy, I had to take that direct link out. I tried it as well and had trouble loading it. I am not convinced that it does not contain mailicious code. I left it in quotes in case somebody wants to check it out be I had to remove the direct link.

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