Obama wins the nomination

I don’t have a lot to say about this.  I still need time for this all to sink in.  We, as Americans, and all the baggage that comes with that, have elected a young black man to represent the Democratic party in the race for the Presidency.

I am proud of America, and Americans.  I have new hope that America can become the strongest, most respected country on the planet.  It will be a long road to the White House but I just can not imagine any reason why John McCain should be the next President. 

We needed inspiration and we got it.  I know that Hillary Clinton supporters are disappointed.  I would be too if Obama did not win the nomination.  I stood by my beliefs and said I never would vote for Hillary Clinton and I said I would vote for McCain before I voted for Clinton.  But the reality is, I would not elect a Republican to the White House at any cost.

I congratulate Hillary and Barack for the most fascinating and interesting race for the Presidency in my lifetime.  Just keep an eye out for the spin and the lies.  Keep on seeing through the smokescreen that the Republicans will put in your way.





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