To Clinton Supporters: Please explain yourself

I need help trying to understand this situation and I am being honest here.  I don’t get it.

Before Michigan and Florida delegates were reinstated, Barack Obama was ahead in number of states won and number of delegates.  After the reinstatement, Obama is ahead by number of states won and number of delegates.

Neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton decided themselves how the Michigan and Florida primary debacles were resolved.

I understand the anger, and the passion behind the anger, for supporters of Hillary Clinton.  If Barack Obama were in the same position, I would feel similarly. 

But Hillary Clinton has been behind Barack Obama for the majority of this primary cycle, if not the entire cycle.  Clinton has been clawing and scraping up every possible delegate, super or regular, just as she should, and so has Barack Obama.

If Clinton Supporters were mad at the Democratic Party, the DNC, the party leaders themselves, State governments, then I get it.  But to blame Barack Obama for what the DNC decided just does not make sense to me.  The DNC could have stuck to the rules and negated all delegates in both states.

The American political system is based on Delegates.  That’s what we have to deal with, and those are the rules under which we must operate.  I don’t like it either but I can’t control it.

The only possible item up for contention is the popular vote.  There may be an argument for that but I have two problems with it.  First, the numbers are sketchy considering a lot of the caucus numbers are either estimates or pure speculation.  Second, if you make your argument to try and convince super delegates to make up their mind, or change their mind, and they don’t move towards Clinton, then you’re done.

Again, all of this number crunching has nothing to do with the Campaigns themselves.  Neither Barack nor Hillary are controlling most of this process.

So I think Hillary should do whatever she can to try and win the nomination, but don’t take it out on Obama or his supporters if it doesn’t happen.  The attitude of “if we don’t win, then you don’t win, and so we’re voting republican” is ridiculous.  So you’re not a Democrat, you’re just someone who single-mindedly supports one candidate; not a party, not a concept, not a movement, just a person. 

I probably don’t like Clinton any more than you like Obama.  In fact, I’ve said some nasty things about Hillary.  But when you get down to the end, I would vote for Hillary Clinton rather than ANY republican.  I am emotional about this issue, but I am also practical and realistic.  You have to play with the cards you were dealt.  Trying to divide the party by acting like 4 year old stomping his feet and pouting isn’t really doing anybody any good at all.

So you can make all these arguments about misogeny, threaten to vote for McCain, talk about popular versus delegate votes, but what does it accomplish.  Keep in mind that you have people out there who won’t vote for Obama simply because he is black and/or believe he is a Muslim (and extremist at that).  Is that the group of people you want to associate yourselves with because you think you have been wronged.  It’s not about you.  It’s about our country and about the men and women trying not to die every day in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It’s about the poor, the uninsured, the lost and forgotten; all the things the Democratic Party stands for.

So the question is, are you really part of the Democratic party or not.  Do you want real change or not.  How can you be for everything Hillary Clinton stands for, but be against Barack Obama who essentially has the same platform.  The word “Party”, in this case, does not necessarily mean it’s going to be fun all the time.

Please help me understand by using rational arguments how you want to punish and blame Barack Obama because Hillary Clinton did not win the nomination.  It’s not his fault.


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