DNC Rules Committee hearing is “Icky”, Brazile is my hero

Sorry I couldn’t resist the play on words

The only person in the entire DNC Rules Committee meeting on Saturday that truly pissed me off, out of all of the people I agreed with and did not agree with, was Harold Ickes.

He was unabashedly a Hillary Clinton supporter who, in his role as an unbiased participant of the Rules Committee, is supposed to remain just that, unbiased.  He tried desperately to be a master manipulator but unfortunately doesn’t have the chops for us not to see right through him.  Even the chairman and chairwoman had to cut him off several times because he was orating his agenda during questions and answer periods instead of asking a question.

The Michigan primary was a mess.  Essentially, Harold Ickes want the majority of delegates to go to Clinton thereby giving her some measure of advantage.  However, the people of the great State of Michigan KNEW that the primary was not going to COUNT.  They knew it well, it was explained to them in television ads, newspapers, newscasts, and the Internet.  So how in the hell do you know how many people would have shown up to vote, and for whom they would have voted, if the voters thought their votes would actually be counted.

Ickes has the same sense of entitlement as Hillary and Bill Clinton.  However, the only real fair way to apply delegates in Michigan is to just split them 50/50.  I don’t care if they have a half vote or a full vote, but whatever happens with the Michigan delegates should have no affect on the overall net delegate count.

If it can happen once, it will happen again.  So if you let states like Michigan and Florida discount the rules and then go back and try to get their delegates counted they way they choose at the time, why have rules.  And all you will do is set a precedent that creates even more dissension from other states in the future.  The argument will be “Well, back in 2008 you let Florida and Michigan do, so why not now”

Any why did Hillary Clinton not remove her name from the ballot in Michigan like the rest of the candidates?  This was something other than a political strategy, so that they could come back and do just what they are doing now; manipulating the facts and the electorate.

The only thing that Harold Ickes said that made sense was that you can’t put much stock in exit polls and all of the data being presented because (as Carl Levin said) it was a flawed election to start with.  The national Democratic Primary told the people of Michigan that the primary vote “Would not count”.  So why try and read the minds of the voters some 5 months after the fact.  I think Michigan has two choices, either split them 50/50 or don’t go to the convention.  It’s that simple.

And who doesn’t love Donna Brazile.  I have watched her on cable shows for many years.  As of right now still an uncommitted super delegate, I keep looking for clues as to whom she will throw her support.  She had been pretty quiet all day.  I kept trying to read her every time the camera passed by her but just could not get it.  But finally, today when she looked at former Michigan Governor Jim Blanchard and said, and I will paraphrase “You talked about your mother earlier now I’m going to talk about something my Momma taught me.  Rules are rules.  And when you don’t play by the rules, it’s called cheating”.   OH MY GOD it was beautiful and she finally tipped her hand a bit toward Barack Obama, but with Donna Brazile, she is so dedicated to her party, she was probably just making sure everyone was playing fair, regardless of the outcome.


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