Clinton would rather McCain win than Obama

After today’s meeting of the DNC Rules and Bylaws committee, in which Hillary Clinton did not come out a winner, Hillary Clinton, through her Mouthpiece Harold Ickes, threatened to bring the issue to the Crendentials committee.

So essentially she is not intersted in unifying the party, as she as said on so many occasions.  Compromise is not good enough for Hillary.  She wants 1968 all over again when there was so much disention in the Democratic party that the Democrats lost the election to Richard M. Nixon.

Hillary fully intends to bring this fiasco to the DNC Convention, cause trouble, poke a stick at it, pick a scab, and do anyting she needs to do, so that if she doesn’t win, neither will Obama.

Is she really a Democrat if she doesn’t support a Democrat winning at any cost.  No. She would rather be able to look at Barack Obama and say “IN YOUR FACE” than to actually stand up for real Democratic pinciples, and her country, and do what is best and right.  

The bottom line is that Senator Obama conceded delgate votes to Hillary Clinton in Forida AND Michigan.  In Michigan he had the votes on the Committee to split Michigan delegates 50/50.  But in the interest of unity, he conceded delegates; and yet the Clinton campaign still wasn’t satisfied.  When is enough, enough.  Ickes had a tantrum about arbitrarily moving delegates from one column to another, when in fact, they started with none and deserved none (neither did Obama) because the states broke the rules.  The Committee did what was proposed by both campaigns and the party leaders themselves.

Ickes should just do what he does best and carry Hillary’s purse for her.


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