Is McClellan Credible?

There are some basics about this whole McClellan story that nobody seems to be addressing.

First, all that has happened in this book is confirmation of what many of us have known or suspected for years.  The Bush administration, and by that I mean Cheney, Rove, and Libby, lied to America, went to war because of their egos, money, and power, and Scott McClellan was used as a patsy (along with Colin Powell and others).

Every single person denying McClellan’s allegations is using the words “puzzled”.  Every single one of them, as if they all sat in a room and discussed how they would handle this potential firestorm.

Lastly, one argument is that this book is merely something produced by a disgruntled employee; and Scott McClellan never mentioned he had a problem with what he was being forced to portray to the media and the public.  Well, when you have to figure out how to feed my family, pay my bills, send kids to college, whatever your financial situation is, you don’t just walk away from a job when you suspect something is amiss; this is about your livelihood.  As soon as he could, he got out.

I used to watch McClellan in those press conferences and I would get so angry thinking this guy is an idiot, isn’t answering the questions, sidestepping facts, defending the idefensible, and all in all just disliking the creep.  In retrospect, I think I get it now.  He tried to be loyal, he tried to the best he could, be at the time he had an inkling that he was being duped, or used, and just couldn’t quite put the pieces together until after he left the post.  Then he was able to look at things from a different perspective – far outside the inside circle of the White House.  This whole thing has Lies, Manipulations, and Cover-ups written all over it and McClellan has no other reason to write it, than to right a worng.

And something is to be said for McClellan who is giving his first cable interview to MSNBC, a liberal news organization.  Has Scott seen the light… and the lies?


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