McCain, Bush, and the G.I. Bill (G.I. now stands for George the Idiot)

The the majority of Democrats AND Republicans in the Senate backed the recent new G.I. Bill.  Is there any reason why we, as a country, should not give our Armed Services members certain benefits like a college education for the mere fact that they served our country.  That’s what we did for soldiers returning from World War II and there is no reason no to do it for those service since 9/11, as the bill states. 

Well, apparently George W. Bush and John McCain could find a reason.  I find it sickening and deplorable that the dynamic duo do not approve of the new G.I. Bill because “it is too expensive” and “would encourage our soldiers to only serve one term”.  WHAT?

So it is too expensive to show our appreciation to our service men and women, the same service men and women that Bush and McCain speak so highly of, who risk their lives for our freedom; to fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here (their words, not mine).

Well maybe if we didn’t spend $400 million dollars a month on the Iraq war itself, then maybe we could afford it.  If we didn’t give tax breaks to the rich, maybe we could afford it.

John McCain is the man that some feel is the best choice to be our President?  There is no way to spin this “my friends” so don’t even try.  McCain is hypocritical, pandering, uninformed, stupid, ungrateful, and most probably at this point senile.  If you vote for him, you are a fool, and if you voted for George W. Bush, then I blame YOU for this mess we are in.  I truly hope the Republicans are satisfied that they have destroyed our country.

I love my country and our service men and women.  I thank them at every possibly opportunity.  Don’t you think sending them to college is the very least we can do for them?  Bush and McCain are more worried that giving them benefits after 3 years will result in a huge exodus of troops after their 3 years.  Well, since Stop-Loss is in play and is quite well used, what do Bush and McCain have to worry about, they can just force these soldiers to stay exactly where they are.



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