What is blogging? Is there etiquette?

It’s hard to say what blogging is and if there is etiquette because everyone is so intent of getting their point across that they skip over facts, get preachy, or fill the Internet with anger.  While there are a lot of posts on blogs from people who agree with the blogger, the etiquette comes in to play when the visitor disagrees with the blogger.

Blogging is just a way for anyone, or any organization, to express their ideas, called posts.  Usually, built into a blog, is the public’s ability to comment on these posts.

Now, a blogger can choose to make their blog non-public, meaning it would only be available to those who were given explicit rights.  A blogger can also choose to not allow anyone to comment.  I have chosen to keep my blog wide open.

A public blog by an organization, let’s say CNN, may exist to actually solitcit input, sort of an informal polling of opinions.  Some blogs, rather most blogs by individuals, are not normally like that.  Individual bloggers tend to post their own thoughts and opinions and visitors are free to comment.

But don’t think for one minute that if you lambaste somone on their blog that you’re going to actually have any impact.  People who visit blogs have one of two agenda’s.  To find people with similar ideas, or to find people with whom they can disagree and vent.  The latter tends to be non-productive because YOU CAN’T CHANGE AN OPINION WITH ONE CONVERSATION (or in this case, one blog comment). 

A blog is not usually a conversation and therefore does not lend itself to changing people’s mind.  I personally believe that if you visit a blog and would like to post an opposing viewpoint, do it succinctly and gently.  The best way to get your point across is to simply give readers something to think about.  Preaching on a blog comment doesn’t normally go anywhere except get the commentor all worked up.

Keep it light people.  This is blogging.


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