Hillary is still in it, but why?

The Democrats are trying to be kind, and they are trying to unite the party.  If Hillary Clinton continues on to every single state and lets the primary process play out, she will not only be the first female candidate to have had a real chance at the Presidency, she’ll be the first woman to go so far in the process.  It will be one for the history books and in order for any future woman to do better than that, she will actually be the first female presidential nominee.  That’s quite a feat for Senator Clinton and it will be for the first woman that actually gets the nomination.  She does deserve to let the process play out I applaud her spunk.

I believe that Barack Obama was right when he said what Hillary has accomplished is something that will have a positive impact on his own daughters.  She is blazing trails similar to how Barbara Walters did for women in journalism.  Someone has to do it first

This is the first time I have every said something so positive about Hillary Clinton.  A few weeks ago I said I would vote for McCain before I voted for Hillary.  But I don’t feel that way anymore.

The reason for this change is Hillary herself.  She has taken all of the petty backstabbing against her opponent out of her campaign, thereby removing the reasons why Obama supporters would not vote for Hillary.  Barrack has done the same.  They both realize that this is no time to start splitting up your party.

The most important thing right now for all of us is to make sure a Democrat wins the White House in November.  It is the only way that this country has a chance at improvement.

So Hillary can continue campaigning and continue to explain why the Democrats deserve your vote for the Presidency.  I say, let her go right ahead.  And however the nomination turns out, well, that’s what we have to work with.  I only hope that Hillary supporters can see through their own anger or disappointment to see the real prize on the other side.


2 thoughts on “Hillary is still in it, but why?

  1. Obama has not won it yet, should he maybe step down off his high chair for a minute? 🙂

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