Why do people think Hillary Clinton represents the working class

I am having a lot of trouble understanding why Hillary Clinton is perceived as being the best representative of working class America.  This is a woman who has led nothing but a silver-spoon life.  She has no idea what it means to worry about paying the bills or feeding the family.  She doesn’t know how desperate it feels to be on welfare, or unemployment, or food stamps. 

It literally makes me ill, it makes me sick, when I hear her speaking in front of a crowd, identifying herself with the middle class, or even the poverty class of America.  The closest she has ever come to a full out struggle for her life was dodging bullets in Bosnia, and even that was all a lie.

Her web site says that at a young age she learned that if you worked hard and played by the rules you could provide a good life for your family.  Well, she may work hard but I’m not sure about playing by the rules.  She agreed to rules in Michigan and Florida and now wants to renege on that agreement because she doesn’t like the way the math worked out.  Her “take no prisoners” attitude and her willingness to do anything and manipulate anyone to try and win the nomination for President leads me to believe she is more of a Republican than a Democrat.  And isn’t it interesting that she started out her political life as a Republican. 

Personally, I have now lost my unemployment benefits and have not been able to find a job.  I was receiving food stamps but have lost those because I am neither disabled, nor in rehab.  If I were, I would be able to receive food stamps.  So when Hillary can tell me that she identifies with that, and can tell me she experienced the same thing and knows what it’s like, she should not pretend to represent working class America.  Working class America didn’t go to Wellesley College and Yale Law School.  Again, I think if she ran as a Republican, she would have had that party’s nomination sewn up a long time ago.



2 thoughts on “Why do people think Hillary Clinton represents the working class

  1. Hillary has had nothing handed to her. She has worked for everything she has. While she has not been poor, she did not achieve millionaire status until after Bill Clinton left the Presidency. I guess it is only appropriate that Hollywood celebritieses make money on their books, or Sports heros make on their motivational speeches – ex Presidents and firsts ladies shouldn’t/

    You make comments on Hillary clintons education. Do you know how her education was financed? Do you know if she worked while in school? As for playing by the rules, I learned in business that rules are always negotiable and business contracts are renegotiable. I was told in business that it is always a mistake to be “reasonable”. Extraordinary things only happen when you push the boundaries. Men understand this growing up. People who talk about “rules” don’t understand that “rules” were developed for a reason and can be redeveloped as needed. “rules” are always used to hold a woman back, but are always changed to move men forward.

    How can Hillary possibly be worse than any male politician through the ages – some of whom have achieved great things for American. The personal life of virtually every male Kennedy man who served in political office is an embarassement – but we reserve our vitriol for the only woman who has ever made it this far.

    The people who lambast Hillary about rules clearly do not understand how dynamic the world is and how old conventions on how thing work become obsolete before they are even implemented. They don’t watch sports and don’t understand what is required for great achieivement.

  2. What I learned from the above was that Hillary married well and so that’s where she got her money, or she worked hard during her college years to pay her way.

    Hmm. I wonder which is closer to the truth.

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