Iran – Obama versus Bush

We are getting to that time when you have to be very careful about how you interpret what is being presented to you on the news, in newspapers, or on the Internet.

Bush is in the Middle East talking smack about Barack Obama, saying that Obama’s willingness to engage our enemies in conversation is comparable to what the Allies did with Hitler prior to World War II.  It is one of the most ridiculous, irresponsible, and terror-inspiring lies I have ever heard.

What Obama is trying to say is that if there is a country out there like Iran, who is essentially an enemy of the United States, then U.S.sanctions, the U.S. ignoring this country, or United Nations style tactics don’t seem to help.  So his opinion is “hey, give me a chance, or someone on my staff a chance, to talk to these people and let’s see if there is any way we can make some progress here on our relationship.”

Bush and McCain are apparently offended because Obama did not even state what his “conditions” would be for even opening a dialogue.  The republicans are labeling this as “unconditional talking”. What the hell is “unconditional talking”.  When you want to speak to someone that you don’t get along with and you are truly making an effort to create a peaceful relationship, do you say, “We won’t talk about this, and we won’t talk about that, but let’s sit down and talk”.  Do you say “I want to reach out to you and open a dialogue so stop doing this and stop doing that and maybe I’ll talk to you”.  NO.  YOU SIMPLY ARRANGE TO MEET AND TALK.  Then you see where things are going to go.  If that’s what you want to call “unconditional talking” then I’m all for it.

The republican way is to put government sanctions on this country, refuse to talk to them, refuse to acknowledge them, poke them, prod them, offend them, and then say “See how they are?  They don’t want to talk to us, they are terrorists”.  It is absolutely ridiculous.

I’m sorry. I know that what I wrote above sounds like it was written by a fourth grader.  But sometimes, you have to break things down to the least common denominator so as not to confuse people with double talk, and dual meanings, and all the crap that politicians like to do to confuse people to prove a point.

I’m getting fired up and really pissed off about this shit and it has GOT to STOP.



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