Golf is for the unpatriotic

You can’t possibly be so unpatriotic as to participate in Golf.

I’m talking to you Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh, and John Daly (sorry-I’m faking this part because I don’t golf and don’t know any more golfers.  But that won’t stop me from writing this.  I wonder if I’m really a republican). 

I’m talking to you, you weekend golfers.  I’m talking to you, you Dentists who take Wednesday’s off to play golf.  Take a queue from your fearless leader, the honorable George W. Bush.  According to him, it just wouldn’t be right to play golf while our brave men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces are putting their lives on the line for our freedom.

Because you know, now admit it, that a mother mourning the loss of her daughter in an insurgent IED attack in Iraq would feel, somehow, betrayed and that President Bush doesn’t care, how could he, he’s golfing.  So Bush decided he would give it up.  I mean, it is so improper.

Now, here’s the real bottom line.  Even after his diatribe about not golfing in the name of patriotism, he still golfed.

Uhh (insert heavy sigh here).  This is so tiring.

So what would send the right signal to send to America while we are at war?  What would honor the troups and show that you care about their welfare and their safe return home?  I think I know.  How about ending the war.



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