Clinton voters are elitists

Clinton herself has accused Obama of being an elitist.  Well here how I see it.

Clinton voters get all pissed off when you mention that minor detail that Obama is ahead in every category; regular delegates, popular vote, super delegates (and growing by the day).

When Clinton voters participate in “polls” (I’m so sick of polls) they say they would vote for John McCain rather than Obama if Obama was the democratic nominee.

Now that is just plain stupid, elitist, and frankly, manipulative.  Her “supporters”, if that’s what you want to call them, are acting like the voting mafia, threatening the public with their supposed power.

If you think that these hard line democrats are going to vote for John McCain out of spite, your stupid.  And if they actually did it, then they are stupid and are more interested in trying to prove some ridiculous point than actually bringing about change in the country.

I’ll tell you what.  I support Obama.  If he ends up not being the nominee, I”m going to be down right pissed off, that’s right.  But I’m not going to throw my life away, my country away, and the men and women who have their lives on the line to protect me away, just so I can cross my arms and stomp my feet like a four year old and say “SO THERE!”.

What the hell can these Clinton backers be so upset about.  Do they have something against Obama or is it just because they feel Clinton is entitled to the job.  There certainly isn’t a bunch of baggage on the Obama side that the Clinton supporters can call out. 

Now on the other hand, the more reasonable Obama supporters are very passionate about their candidate and wouldn’t be happy about it but would vote for the democratic nominee even if it wasn’t Obama.  And I can say that even with real baggage that Hillary brings to the table.  She is a divisive figure, hated by many, many people, including her own co-workers, and including those she has stepped on along the way to get her way.   Her ego is as big as they come and she truly is a bitch.  I would throw the “C” word in here but would never stoop to that level.

And what is all the crap about the road to the White House.  Every where she goes, every state, she says the same thing: “No president has ever one without winning (insert the name of the State you are standing in here”.  Things change, states, change, there is some consistency there but things can and do change.  She also keeps wanting to change the rules, no, she demands the rules be changed and the math be changed to meet her every whim.

Get with the program you Clinton-supporting idiots and get a backbone.  Is it really more important to be “right”?  And if so, doesn’t that mean that you’re really just a Republican in Democrat clothing.


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