I won’t vote for Barrack Obama?

I said the same thing about Hillary Clinton.  I dislike her so much, even said “hate” her at times.  But I took a step back and said to myself: “What if Barrack Obama was long gone and my only choice was Hillary Clinton or John McCain?”

I had to do a little soul searching but in the end I had to be honest with myself and realize that there is no way in hell that I won’t vote at all, and there is no way in hell I’m voting for a third party candidate who won’t win.  But most of all, I’m not going to vote for a Republican and live another 4 or more years in this absolute disaster of an economy, foreign policy, domestic policy, war, and an adverse reaction to America around the world.

So with little fanfare, I will say here and now that as much as I despise Hillary, I will vote for my Democratic party in November 2008.  I hope that Hillary supporters would come to the same decision if the situation arises.


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