Cokie Roberts is dead wrong – let’s hope the Democrats aren’t listening

On ABC’s Sunday morning talk show “This Week”, Cokie Roberts always shows up on the “discussion panel”.  This Sunday, May 11, Cokie said “Women will vote democrat, especially single women”.

She’s wrong.  Much to my surprise I have several single female friends who actually vote republican.   I couldn’t believe it when I found out but that’s just how it goes.  The Democrats can not afford to make this kind of mistake; assuming they have the vote of this particular category or that group labeled such and such.

Friend #1 is an ex-marine, white, single mother, who has a son that was a result of an affair with an African American.  You would think that screams liberal Democrat.  But she stands firmly behind George W. Bush and the republicans.  I forgot about the Marine part and didn’t realize how much of a pull that has on her views.

Friend #2 is a single southern girl who wanted to have a baby, and since she didn’t have a man in her life, made her plans to go to the sperm bank and get inseminated.  She has lots of gay friends and I’ve met other female friends of hers who were clearly liberals.  At the last minute she ends up getting pregnant from a fling she had.  Ironic right?  That pretty much screams liberal democrat as well.  But no.  The issue of partial birth abortions was in the media during the last time I spent with her.  She mentioned to me that she would never vote for a Democrat because of this issue and she was proud to have voted for George W. Bush.  I don’t know if it was just the abortion issue, or if her southern heritage had something to do with it, but there it was, right in front of me, and I had to take a deep breath and not say a word.

So as much as we like to categorize people into nice neat little piles, you just can’t apply rules to some of these things.  So Cokie and the Democrats will get it wrong if they make these wide general assumptions about who is in who’s corner.  And if they do that, the Democrats will lose the election, again, because they are getting cocky and unfocused.


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