What happens after the 2008 Presidential Election?

In this seemingly endless campaign for the Presidency, we see, every day, a photo op of the candidate, in front of a huge crowd of supporters.  The candidate will often say something like “I talked to a woman today who….” or “I spoke with a family today and they told me……” all taking about the struggles of Americans.  The signs behind the candidate bob and weave and flail with enthusiasm.  You know in your heart at that moment that the candidate has spent long hours talking to hundreds or thousands of potential voters.  The have spent day after day listening to the problems, concerns, and issues of the American electorate.

So what happens after November 4, 2008, when I want to get in touch with the President to check in on how we’re doing on that issue we discussed back in May?  I don’t have a chance in hell.  There’s not an “I voted for you and supported you” hot line to the President.

Unless you donated thousands of dillars, there is no way any of us will get anywhere near the President to have those little one on one’s that were rolled out like a red carpet during the campaign.

If candidates are so interested in what the American people have to say now, why won’t we ever get a chance to talk about how we feel later?


One thought on “What happens after the 2008 Presidential Election?

  1. Lets put it this way if you or I call the White House at 3 AM we will not get an answer!

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