I’m going to call it – Hillary is going to cry again.

Oh, it’s coming.  Hillary was riding high in the last few weeks thinking that she finally “got” Obama with his supposed campaign ending comments that had the word “bitter”in them, and by Obama’s affiliation with Pastor Wright.  Well even through all of that, we still like Obama better than her.  And for a woman who has an ego and sense of entitlement as big as she does, that’s gotta hurt.

So what comes next?  She’s going to go back to saying thing like “Barrack Obama hasn’t been “vetted” as much as I have and the media is so much tougher on me than they are on him and my father can beat up your father and I’m going to pull your hair, so there!”

It’s going to happen, mark my words.  The “woe is me” speak is on it’s way so I’m just letting you know to prepare yourself.

She’s like a weather vane, changing direction with the wind but realistically going in circles.

You can’t win sweetie, time to go away.  And what really kills me is that I heard today she’s going to ask Obama to bail her out financially as a condition of her withdrawal.  I did not know that this is part of politics, and has been part of politics for years.  I find it sickening.


2 thoughts on “I’m going to call it – Hillary is going to cry again.

  1. Obama problem has just started! It is the general election that his Rev wright and his comments about small town Americans will hurt him! The republicans has already started a new website for that purpose, I have the address on my blog! 🙂

  2. I heard that someone suggest Obama offer to pay for Clinton’s campaign debt in exchange for her withdrawal. It would be too low for Clinton to ask and it would make more people vote for Obama.

    I would love to be bailed out of my campaign, but I haven’t spent any money (nor have I raised any.) My campaign is that of fiscal responsibility and the only way one can be fiscally responsible as president is to have a sound fiscal philosophy while campaigning.

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