Hillary Clinton’s Base?

Recently Hillary Clinton said that she has far superior support among hard working whites who didn’t finish college.  And I’m sure you’ve also heard of Barrack Obama supporters referred to as “Volvo-driving, elite college graduates”.

Well I”m here to tell you that my car was reposessed so I don’t even own a car right now.  I lost my job a year ago.  I also never went to college.  I was lucky enough up until now to have a very successful career in Information Technology.  I couldn’t afford college.  I am a hard working white person, which means I’m white and I make less than $50,000 dollars.

I don’t drive a Volvo and don’t like, or drink, lattes.

So by all measures in current American politics, I support Hillary Clinton.  WRONG. You could not be more wrong.  I support and will vote for Barrack Obama.  I find it surprising, even offensive, that Barrack Obama is labeled as an elitist especially when compared to THE CLINTONS.  Look it up, rich Hollywood types as supporters, big houses in rich New York City suburbs, a pant suit for every occasion, all behind the auspices of two egotistical democrats who claim for represent the down-trodden of America.  Give me a break.

I don’t think that all the cable TV talking heads and all of the “stategists” (GOD, I’m sick of that word) have any idea of what they are talking about.  They claim to go by exit polling.  Well, when you walk out of a polling location and someone asks you to stop, and take up even more of your time after you’ve waited to vote, is there any reason to believe that you’re going to give that poll 100% of your attention.  And if you are an Obama supporter or Clinton supporter and feel like screwing with the pollers….hey, why not.

So according to “them”, I should fall under the HIllary category by simply looking at my stats.  But I’m telling you, I don’t support Hillary.  And if I don’t, who else doesn’t.  Hillary doesn’t have an argument in the world for staying in this election but if she wants to waste more of her own money, and I’m sure other people’s money, hey, have at it.


2 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s Base?

  1. Hillary does have more base with small town hard working Americans and now if Hillary steps out of the race all those small town Americans who are clinging to our guns will join the McCain camp! 🙂

  2. The can if they want status quo. That’s just being stupid and vengeful. It’s so childish.

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