Bye-Bye Hillary

I pray for the day that this country can move on and not have to talk about or see another Bush or Clinton.  Two political families have eroded this country away for almost two decades and it is time to move on.  There are not do-overs in life and that applies to politics as well.

I admire Senator Obama for telling America the truth about the Gas Tax Holiday.  Yes, it’s the “feel good politcal move of the year” but the reality is that Hillary and McCain are pandering.

I can’t believe that a windfall loss and “barely a win” on May 6 qualify as full speed ahead for Hillary, using up yet more of the National Democratic campaign that is needed to overtake the mind-numbing, middle and lower class ruining, mafia-like maneuvers of the Republican party.

We all see it, Hillary can’t win the nomination.  If she can’t add and subtract, I doubt she would make a good President anyway.


2 thoughts on “Bye-Bye Hillary

  1. She lent herself ANOTHER 6 million under the radar, all because of her ego. I tried to give the benefit of the doubt but when I look at the math, her only argument is going to be, “because I deserve it”.

    There is no evidence that she has more experience and no evidence that she can beat McCain better than Obama.

    When people like Rush Laudmouth are urging Republican voters in states where either can vote in a primary, to go out and vote for Hillary, that should tell you something. They want to go against Hillary because she’ll be easier to beat is is reviled by both Republicans and Independents.

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