Obama on “Meet the Press”

It is time to put the Obama/Wright controversy to rest and move on.  If you saw Barrack Obama on Meet the Press then you got an explanation for the whole thing once and for all.  If you didn’t – go watch it on the interweb.

Senator Obama was specific, articulate, and foresightful about his plans for the near future, the far future, and included both foreign and domestic policy during his visit with Tim Russert. 

Even before Obama (and many others) said that the Gas Tax Hiatus was a bunch of politcal horse shit (in not so many words), I did the calculations myself and said the exact same thing.  This is a politcal maneuver in an election cycle designed to make people think that Hillary Clinton and John McCain (yes they think alike) really care about you and they are doing everything they can, sweating and bleeding, toiling for the good of the American people.

Bull Shit.  By any calculation the most any American will save in the 3 month period they are talking about for this Gas Tax rollback is about $28.00.  That’s not even enough to fill up one tank.  And what it will cost us in revenue, jobs, and other projects that are important like fixing bridges that are falling down, is not worth that to me.  Is it to you?

I can only hope, and when I do I am usually disappointed, that Americans can see through this smoke screen called politics and while you’re doing that, why dont’ you ask yourself why Hillary and McCain and making the same maneuvers.

Listen, people, it is time again for us all do look at the bigger picture, do our own research, and stop listening to only one or two sources of information, well actually opinion, of what these candidates are all about.  Do the work.  It’s worth it.


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