Antonin Scalia should be tortured

Anyone who defends torture as having nothing to do with punishment should be water boarded themselves.

I can’t even bring myself to call him “Justice” because there is nothing “just” about him.  In a recent “60 Minutes” interview with Leslie Stahl (whom I must admit did an awful job trying to match wits with Scalia) was trying to make the point that torture goes against the “cruel and unusual punishment” argument.  Scalia said that when a person is being tortured, they are not being punished for anything, it’s just that the interrogator is trying to get information and that’s not punishment.

If Stahl had a brain in her head she would have said that the torturer was behaving as if they alone were the judge and jury and had already convicted the victim, therefore, torture is the torturer’s means of punishment.  But Stahl couldn’t come up with that one.

But that doesn’t mean that Scalia shouldn’t be impeached.  I don’t even know if Supreme Court judges can be impeached but I do know that this “job for life” thing is a bunch of crap.  Where in the world do you get to have any job “for life” no matter what.  It is a ridiculous notion.  Since we can’t get rid of him, and torture is just fine in his own opinion, can we stick bamboo chutes under his finger nails until he resigns?


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