The election of 2008

I have not written anything about polittics, or rather I haven’t written anything about anything in a long time because it all seemed so meaningless.  And I don’t believe in writing for writings sake.  I need to have someting to say.  And we have all had a lot to think about in the last few weeks.

Other than the election in 1864, when the incumbent president, Abraham Lincoln, had to risk his most sacred views and values, and put his heart, soul, and belief in man on the line for what he belived in, has an election been so important to this entire country.

I can not think of another election that is as important, as meaningful, as captivating, or as all encompassing as the election of November 2008.  We are at the precipice of creating a new and improved USA, a new direction of a relatively young country, at a time when everything we stand for is on the line.

Now, we are not talking about slavery this time, but we are talking about enslavelment.  The Bush administration that has made itself more important than the already written law of this country, is trying to hold on to its web of control based on lies, and dependent upon the what they conceive to be the stupid American public which, as it turns out, isn’t so stupid after all. The unevolved may have been fooled once or twrice but they will not be fooled again.

This forthcoming election is the most important of our lives.  All of us living and breathing at this very moment  hold in our hands the future of this country and and the future of the dreams and consciousness of this country.  We can NOT go on, not one foot further than we have gone in the name of national security.  We can not kill another human being and we can not allow another one of our citizens to be killed in the name of George Bush and the war against terrorism.

I am so much more afraid of George Bush and his caldron of haters than I ever could be of people who react in the name of their faith an religion.



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