Ryan Crocker – Iraqi Ambassador or befuddled patsy

Did you catch any of the testimony given by General Petreaus and Ryan Crocker on Tuesday.  Ryan Crocker could not complete even one, not even one, sentence without extreme drawn out pauses filled with UH, UH, UHM, UH, UHM, UMM, UH.

At some point I started to think he was doing it on purpose to distract those of us that were watching, including the Senate Foreign Relations Committee members themselves.

Now, I am probably the worst public speaker.  But I would never take a job where I was required to speak in public, on live TV, in front of a bunch of photographers scrambling around like merekats on the floor in front of me. 

If you’re going to take a job as an Ambassador, which quite frankly has been normally known as the cushiest job in government, you should either be a good public speaker or learn how to be.

Barack Obama has been criticized for using too many Ums and Uhs in his speaking, but you really have to pay attention and probably wouldn’t notice until after someone points it out to you.

With Crocker, it’s completely different.  Even if I never mentioned it, you would not be able to sit through anything he has to say, whether it be one sentence or a diatribe, without cringing at his vocal inabilities, all while fighting the urge to change the channel or hit the mute buttom.  That is assuming that you want to hear what he has to say.  To me it is easier just to shut him off.

On top of it all, his answers make no sense.  He talks in circles, adds lengthy extraneous information, and never answers the questions asked by the panel member.

It is almost as if he was appointed to his position even though they knew that nobody would have any idea what he is talking about.

I found only a few samples of yesterday’s testimony and they weren’t the best, but listen to Crocker’s responses and if you can (since there’s not much else to do while he’s talking) count all of the Uh and Ums even in the simplest of sentences.  If he’s not reading from a script, he can barely talk inteligably.  Here’s the text link in case the video link below doesn’t work: http://youtube.com/watch?v=7-JV7kWx0Rk.



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